The Crown

It seems as though a familiar theme among my writing is love. My super sleuth skills tell me it's likely because I still struggle so intensely with accepting the love that has been set aside for me since long before I entered this world. You see, I am a runner. It's just part of my... Continue Reading →

Walking in God’s Grace

Grace : the free and unmerited favor of God The past few days, Jesus has been talking to me about something that I frequently see in the Christian world get put into a box. Usually, when we think of grace, we think of the way it applies to our situation. For example- "God's grace saved... Continue Reading →

Unconditional Love

It is 11:42 pm and I am laying in bed with my dog, crying, and unable to sleep. All I can think about is God's love. I am so overwhelmed by it, it's everywhere I turn. More so then ever in my life, I just want to be where God is. I'm at a season... Continue Reading →

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