The Crown

It seems as though a familiar theme among my writing is love. My super sleuth skills tell me it's likely because I still struggle so intensely with accepting the love that has been set aside for me since long before I entered this world. You see, I am a runner. It's just part of my... Continue Reading →

Walking in God’s Grace

Grace : the free and unmerited favor of God The past few days, Jesus has been talking to me about something that I frequently see in the Christian world get put into a box. Usually, when we think of grace, we think of the way it applies to our situation. For example- "God's grace saved... Continue Reading →

Constantly Seeking

The past few months of my life have been filled with revelation after revelation. I've learned more about my Savior and myself in the past 6 months than I have in the entire 18 years of my life. It's been overwhelming, to say the least. Learning that you've been wrong about a lot can hurt...... Continue Reading →

Changing through pain

Pain is a funny thing. It changes us immensely. I often find that pain is part of a process, whether the beginning, end or middle, that smoothes us out and molds us into the person we are supposed to be. It brings out traits in us that can make us more like the creator, which... Continue Reading →

Unconditional Love

It is 11:42 pm and I am laying in bed with my dog, crying, and unable to sleep. All I can think about is God's love. I am so overwhelmed by it, it's everywhere I turn. More so then ever in my life, I just want to be where God is. I'm at a season... Continue Reading →

Who is God?

The past few evenings I've gotten into the habit of sitting on my back porch for a couple of hours, watching the sun descend and the moon rise, and just soaking in Jesus' presence. I find that in these moments where I am one on one with the King, and I am forced to shut... Continue Reading →

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